Curating the story of you and your art

Artist Statements

Spending time getting to know yourself and your work can bring clarity to the written elements of your story. Why do I create? What am I trying to say in my art? An artist statement is a chance to put smaller stories together, and to curate your “story.” Let my background in the arts guide you through the introspective process of creating a strategic statement. Rates start at $100/hour. 

Individual Grants & Fellowship Applications

Not every grant proposal or fellowship application requires the same thing. Some may want a brief biography, others may want a complex summary of your life so far. Many proposals are more of an argument, where you must paint the picture of why you are the perfect fit for this opportunity. Let my narrative expertise help you represent yourself in a polished, professional way. If you are not confident in your writing skills to get your story across, or you just want an outside opinion to review what you've written before you send it off, I can provide that key guidance before you send in your application. Rates start at $100/hour. 

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New Client Form

It felt as if Jackie was leading me through dangerous territory. I came out the other side with a new artist statement and all in one piece! I worked much harder with her help than I would have on my own. She made it interesting and fun. I’d recommend her to all my friends.

A Laramie, Wyoming artist

With Jackie's help, I was able to create a project proposal that earned me funding for my summer.

Masters student, University of Wyoming