New York Times looks at pre and post college income


The New York Times recently released this interactive study where you can compare the financial statistics between incoming students, and those students’ ability to move into a higher financial class after graduation. While I think this is an interesting, and valuable, study, I do not believe that the odds of moving into the top 1% of U.S. earners should be a reason to apply (or not apply) to a college. While a living wage and fulfilling life in all the interpretations of the word should be a university’s goal for all of their students, money and salary should not be the only factors in choosing a future. After all, even our wealthiest celebrities can still have problems and unhappiness. This study is still a useful tool, especially for evaluating a college’s student population. Diversity, whether racial, geographical, or financial, can only add to our educational experiences, and the values we develop from those experiences.

Check out the interactive study at the link: