Free essay consulting to students affected by travel ban & federal grant cuts

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I cannot imagine being in a PhD program, and learning that my funding would be cut due to Federal grant cuts.
I cannot imagine going through the difficulty of finding housing in a place I’d never been to before only to not make it past the airport.
I cannot imagine saving my stipend for a plane ticket to my home country over winter break only to be told I was no longer welcome back.
I cannot imagine the fear, sorrow, and anger I would feel if facing the possibility of not being able to complete a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD through no actions of my own.

When I started graduate school, I drove from San Francisco to Idaho with my clothes, computer, sheets, and my two dogs. A few large boxes were shipped to the rented room I’d secured through Craigslist. I paid for the expenses of this move on a credit card, having cut a temporary job short so that I could arrive in Idaho on time for my mandatory teacher training. I wouldn’t receive my stipend for another few weeks, which would eventually give me approximately $900 to live on, after taxes. Still, getting a fully funded MFA was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and I knew that I needed to make whatever sacrifices I could to complete the program. Without funding, there was no way I could have pursued a higher degree.

When I founded this company, my ultimate goal was to help others. To be neutral in a time when education has become political, and the freedom to pursue research and academic is under question, I feel compelled to act.

Though I cannot say how long this ban will continue, or if through some luck the travel ban will be lifted, or the EPA freeze will be reversed, I know that for many people, they may not have time to wait a semester, a month, or even a week. If you, (or someone you know), have had your education interrupted or possibly prevented as a direct result of these executive orders, I am offering my essay consulting services free so that you can apply to transfer to other programs, apply for fellowships in another country, or apply for other funding to make up for financial losses. Any opportunities that can help your situation, whether it means a different school or a different country, if it involves an essay, Point of View Consulting can help. I will keep this deal open until such time as the executive orders are reversed.

Please fill out one of my new client forms and use the text box to explain your situation and I will do my absolute best to help you.

In solidarity,
Jackie Sizemore

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