Hello Winter and Regular Decision!

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It’s application crunch-season.

In the aftermath of Early Decision and Early Action deadlines for undergraduate degrees, it can be difficult to find that momentum again for multiple Regular Decision applications. If you’re looking for some application help, here is some advice from an expert!

Getting Real

For graduate students, November is often what I like to call the “this is getting real” month.

Whether in school or out, the rush of the end of the year is upon us. Holidays approach and whether we practice them or not there can be an odd sense that both the year is ending and that there is a TON of time before January first.

My best advice to applicants of undergraduate or graduate degrees is to plot out the weeks. Make realistic goals that include days off for family obligations or important final tests and projects. Those with Fall breaks in November can break up Netflix binges with a bit of work. Draft one essay = 2 more shows, then repeat!

Working smart

For the next two months, a good mantra to repeat is “efficient and smart.” To get through 3, 5, 10, or even 20 applications, you will need to work efficiently be smart about what you spend your time on. Perfecting every word of a short answer may not be as important as doing another round of revisions on a personal statement. For graduate applicants, look for ways to re-use things like teaching statements so you have more time to spend on clarifying your academic goals.

Whatever work you have left to do, if you need another opinion or want an expert to create the most efficient essay writing plan possible, set up a free thirty minute chat with me today! Getting college application help doesn’t have to cost your life savings and my value of transparency means we can talk directly about what you need help with and what you might be perfectly fine completing on your own.

Happy November and good luck on those applications!

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