Final Days of Regular Decision

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As Early Action and Early Decision results roll in, students all over the country and world are still working hard. There are now less than two weeks to write, revise, and think about their remaining Regular Decision applications. For students who receive good Early Action news, it may feel difficult to keep up the momentum.

Most Regular Decision deadlines are around the end of December or the first week of January. A few schools may have even later deadlines (which typically indicates they are open to being a last-minute addition to a school list!).

After years of hard work keeping grades up, taking a chance on difficult courses, and swapping free time for meaningful extracurriculars, my only advice to students is… don’t stop now! Take advantage of this winter break time to put the final touches on those remaining Regular Decision applications. Or, finish up the essays for that one school they have been debating about for weeks. The end of December really is the final push. After that, the only hard thing left to do is wait!

Good luck to all of the seniors out there!

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