185 Action Verbs for resume and CVs

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When applying to undergraduate or graduate programs, people often need to create a resume or a CV. Besides the struggle of gathering all of the things you’ve done for the past few years and remembering your exact job title, learning the language of a resume or CV is just as hard! Muse.com wrote an article outlining 185 action verbs for … Read More

College Advice from the New York Times

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Writer Susan Shapiro wrote a great article detailing some of the things she wish she’d none going through her undergraduate degree. Some advice included the perks that can come from getting good grades, like being invited to non-advertised opportunities from professors. She also wrote about how professors are “people too” which is something I remind my own college students of … Read More

Ted Talk tackles the “checkbox childhood”

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I recently came upon a thought provoking Ted Talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims, the former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford University. Her talk, “How to raise successful kids– without over-parenting” made me reflect on behaviors I see in undergraduate and graduate admissions, as well as my own upbringing. The video has over 2 million views at this posting, so clearly I … Read More

Activist student accepted to Stanford after writing #BlackLivesMatter as his essay

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Students and families often ask me what risks are worth taking in their undergraduate application essays. My advice is always to be genuine, and know that there is always the possibility that the most sincere experimental essay will not be approved of by every reader. Admission committees are human (yes, real people!) and, at least in my experience, we could … Read More

My take on the Lyric Essay for Author Magazine

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Several months ago I wrote my first lyric essay and succesfully placed it at Eastern Iowa Review literary magazine. I wanted to write about the experience of trying out a new writing form and stepping outside of my comfort zone of traditional personal essays. Below is an excerpt from the beginning of my craft essay: “If I am being honest, … Read More

University of Calgary waives application fee for students affected by U.S. travel ban

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For citizens of the seven countries currently included in the U.S. travel ban, Canadian University of Calgary is waiving their admission application fees for the undergraduate and graduate levels. The fee normally costs $145 (Canadian). The school is opening this offer to both new students who would have begun study at a U.S. university,  and to students whose U.S. education … Read More

For-profit schools & the Academy of Art University

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The risk of going into (some) student loan debt in exchange for a chance at specific jobs, salaries, lifestyles, etc is one that may not seem like much of a decision to many people. But when I read stories like this article about for-profit schools that take advantage of a lack of knowledge about higher education and prey upon people’s … Read More