For-profit schools & the Academy of Art University

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The risk of going into (some) student loan debt in exchange for a chance at specific jobs, salaries, lifestyles, etc is one that may not seem like much of a decision to many people. But when I read stories like this article about for-profit schools that take advantage of a lack of knowledge about higher education and prey upon people’s … Read More

NYT opinion article on impact of highly competitive atmospheres

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I came across this article today, interestingly timed in that May 1st many high school seniors were picking which college they would enroll in. Articles like this leave me feeling incredibly sad. More frequently, I hear the sentiments expressed and quoted in this article from not just college or high school students I work with, but even younger students as … Read More

Video applications instead of grades

Jackie SizemoreAdvice There are a small number of schools looking to enter the territory beyond transcripts, grades, and essays. Is this a reflection of an increasingly multi-media centered culture, or a way to allow students (and only students) to speak for themselves? I was certainly curious reading through this article, and wondered about what narratives or cliches video-watching admissions counselors might … Read More

The Competition Complex

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Warning: some angry language in the article My main takeaway from this article is something I try to convey when I speak with students about college admissions. No one is unique. This is not a bad thing. To be unique means to be truly different from everyone else. You can be a special, hardworking, and determined student… this does … Read More

Finding good advice on writing the personal essay

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It is truly overwhelming how much information there is out there on the college application process. From student-driven sites to official college websites, how can you know which information to trust? I have read many articles online with advice on writing the college essay only to get to the bottom and read that the author of the article has no … Read More

Secrets of on campus tours

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I came across an interesting article from the perspective of Princeton University student tour guides. The philosophy of tour guides and the idea of “selling” a school is true at many schools. As you think about visiting a campus in person, be prepared to actively listen, and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your tour guides.