Colleges on the Top 100 U.S. News ranking with late January deadlines

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Even though most highly competitive university deadlines have passed, there are still several colleges on the Top 100 U.S. News ranking with late January deadlines. Whether you are feeling a bit nervous about your school list,  feeling extra motivated, or just discovered a new major and want to represent your new passion in an application, the colleges below might be ... Read More

Hello Winter and Regular Decision!

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It’s application crunch-season. In the aftermath of Early Decision and Early Action deadlines for undergraduate degrees, it can be difficult to find that momentum again for multiple Regular Decision applications. If you’re looking for some application help, here is some advice from an expert! Getting Real For graduate students, November is often what I like to call the “this is … Read More

Carnegie Mellon Eliminating Demonstrated Interest

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Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Admissions recently released news that they are making some significant changes to their application process. One big change is eliminating the “demonstrated interest” aspect, which previously was used to judge how much a student seemed genuinely interested in the university through participating in CMU events on campus or in their hometowns, completing an alumni interview, and … Read More

Harvard lawsuit reveals application scoring system

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While the lawsuit involving Harvard undergraduate admissions continues to unfold, news outlets are reporting some of the information that has been released so far. Harvard admissions ranks students between a 1-6 in each admissions category, including using pluses and minuses to indicate being at the upper or lower end (ranking a 4+, for example). The Harvard Crimson article cited about … Read More

Beware of Honors that Cost $$$ to Get

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An article in The Olympian recently looked at targeted mail that invites high school students to honors programs or conferences. While many of these programs may create legitimate interesting and valuable experiences, parents and families should absolutely be critical of overpriced packages. There may be other local opportunities for students to shine that require a lot less, or no, financial … Read More

185 Action Verbs for resume and CVs

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When applying to undergraduate or graduate programs, people often need to create a resume or a CV. Besides the struggle of gathering all of the things you’ve done for the past few years and remembering your exact job title, learning the language of a resume or CV is just as hard! wrote an article outlining 185 action verbs for … Read More

College Advice from the New York Times

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Writer Susan Shapiro wrote a great article detailing some of the things she wish she’d none going through her undergraduate degree. Some advice included the perks that can come from getting good grades, like being invited to non-advertised opportunities from professors. She also wrote about how professors are “people too” which is something I remind my own college students of … Read More

Scientist tracks the data of his tenure-track job applications

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Ever since my undergraduate days, I’d heard the stories of how much harder it is to get a tenure-track job. From hiring freezes to budget cuts to people holding off on retirement to some universities relying more and more on part-time adjunct professors. Post-doctoral student Jeremy Yoder decided to track the data of two years worth of applying to tenure … Read More

New York public colleges start free tuition program

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As a former New York State resident, I was initially excited to see the headlines of a free tuition program starting for the SUNY and CUNY schools. However, this New York Times article pointed out several aspects of the program that are important to note. While any reduction in the overall cost of college, public or private, is good, always … Read More