Harvard lawsuit moves ahead

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With the lawsuit involving Asian-American students’ undergraduate admissions to Harvard moving forward to trial in October, the case has the potential to create waves of changes in the admissions world. I found this article in the Boston Globe particularly helpful in thinking about the nuancesĀ of the case, as well as some brief overviews of the different parties who are involved. … Read More

Harvard lawsuit reveals application scoring system

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While the lawsuit involving Harvard undergraduate admissions continues to unfold, news outlets are reporting some of the information that has been released so far. Harvard admissions ranks students between a 1-6 in each admissions category, including using pluses and minuses to indicate being at the upper or lower end (ranking a 4+, for example). The Harvard Crimson article cited about … Read More

Harvard Retracts 10 Offers to Students Who Posted Offensive Memes in Facebook Group Chat

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The story of ten students losing their offers of admission to Harvard University is gaining momentum. Many of us have been warned, or have warned others, that nothing on the internet is every truly private. Even popular shows like South Park and Black Mirror have delved into this idea of losing privacy through our use of social media.What interested me … Read More