2019-20 application season begins!

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It is almost June, and that means it is officially open-season for college essay writing! Summer is a great time to get started, or even finish, college essay writing. Whether students are considering applying early decision or not, many of my past clients breathe a sigh of relief when senior year starts and they are mostly, if not completely, done ... Read More

Hello Winter and Regular Decision!

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It’s application crunch-season. In the aftermath of Early Decision and Early Action deadlines for undergraduate degrees, it can be difficult to find that momentum again for multiple Regular Decision applications. If you’re looking for some application help, here is some advice from an expert! Getting Real For graduate students, November is often what I like to call the “this is … Read More

Last minute Common Application help?

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Stressed about the Common Application? Meant to write your Common Application essay over Thanksgiving break but it didn’t happen? I specialize in Common Application help, especially for students in a time crunch. I have several openings for last-minute help with essays for Common Application schools! If you would like feedback on a draft or you need to select a topic … Read More

Ted Talk tackles the “checkbox childhood”

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I recently came upon a thought provoking Ted Talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims, the former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford University. Her talk, “How to raise successful kids– without over-parenting” made me reflect on behaviors I see in undergraduate and graduate admissions, as well as my own upbringing. The video has over 2 million views at this posting, so clearly I … Read More

Finding good advice on writing the personal essay

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It is truly overwhelming how much information there is out there on the college application process. From student-driven sites to official college websites, how can you know which information to trust? I have read many articles online with advice on writing the college essay only to get to the bottom and read that the author of the article has no … Read More