Hampshire College says “no more” to SAT/ACT tests

Jackie SizemoreNews

https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2015/09/21/hampshire-reports-successful-admissions-year-going-test-blind Hampshire College is not the first school to step away from using standardized tests as part of a holistic college application process. One potential downside is becoming ineligible to participate in many of the “official college rankings” lists. But these lists tend to represent a number of factors, including alumni donations, that don’t necessarily provide insight into the academic … Read More

Video applications instead of grades

Jackie SizemoreAdvice

http://chronicle.com/blogs/headcount/for-applicants-who-send-videos-goucher-college-will-be-grades-optional/38933 There are a small number of schools looking to enter the territory beyond transcripts, grades, and essays. Is this a reflection of an increasingly multi-media centered culture, or a way to allow students (and only students) to speak for themselves? I was certainly curious reading through this article, and wondered about what narratives or cliches video-watching admissions counselors might … Read More