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A list of scholarships, programs, and other helpful resources for high school, college, and graduate level students

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Information on application fee waivers, and standardized testing waivers:


Scholarship databases: (manages a variety of scholarship programs) (for Silicon Valley area, California) (directory of internships & fellowships for Native American students) 


On-going list of scholarships: (for LGBTQI students) (for Hispanic students) (for students with disabilities) (for students of African descent) (for Asian American students) (for Asian American and Pacific Islander students) (open to all ethnicities but must be member of Japanese American Citizens League) (for Asian American students living in or from Fresno County, CA) (For Bay Area, CA Asian/Pacific Islander youth, self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender with demonstrated involvement in the LGBT community) (Latinx students applying to Arizona or California colleges & universities) (for Dreamer students) (NY state only) (must register on their website for entry) (for Latinx students) (for Latinx students) (multiple scholarships for migrant students or students with history of migration/agriculture) (for Hispanic women in New Mexico) (for First Nations students in NY or who want to attend a college in NY) (must live in NYC) (must live in Arizona & attend an Arizona public university) (for students applying to Historically Black Land-Grant Universities) (for student golf Caddies) 


Resources for free testing waivers & application fees: (for PhD and MFA)


Resources for graduate school information:


Resources for scholarships, fellowships, and loan forgiveness (outside of school’s financial aid & full or partial funding): (directory of opportunities)


On-going list of specific scholarships and fellowships: (for Asian Americans applying to masters or PhD in library and/or information science) (for MFAs in writing or filmmaking) (for women pursuing a degree in journalism, creative writing, or literature at a recognized post-secondary institution in the U.S. or Canada)


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