Writing about yourself can be hard, even for writers.

Even writers can dread working on the graduate personal statement! My MFA personal statement help provides connections between creative writing craft and the specific needs of graduate applications.

As a graduate of a fully-funded MFA program, I am aware and sympathetic to the plight of pursuing an arts career. The MFA degree is quickly becoming the new gateway for many writing opportunities and is often seen as a marker of a serious writer. While I do not believe (nor want) these statements to be true across the board, it is understandable why so many fiction writers, poets, and creative non-fiction writers go through the lengthy MFA process with the hope of landing one of the coveted fully-funded spots.

I cannot say that having a stellar personal statement will give you a better chance at obtaining this degree. Unlike other graduate programs, and perhaps your own undergraduate experiences, the personal statement or statement of purpose for the MFA application is an afterthought unless the committee likes your writing sample.

With all of this in mind, I am offering a special discount on personal statement editing.  In exchange, I only ask that you provide a testimonial quote for my business and share my website with your network. If this deal appeals to you, please fill out the New Client Form and then let me know what you feel you are struggling with on your personal statement.

If you are interested in having a professional critique of your writing sample, please make a note in the client form. 

Best of luck with your applications, and no matter the outcome, keep writing!

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As a prose writer applying to graduate programs for creative writing, I was sure I wouldn't have a problem writing the statement of purpose. But after putting together a decent statement, I was still unsure if it was in the place it needed to be for my applications. I had almost resigned myself to that merely "decent" statement when I decided to reach out to Jackie. The in-depth feedback and edits I received reinvigorated an application process that can be so daunting and draining.

Shannon Fiction MFA applicant