High School Applications

Summer programs, internships, and scholarship awards often require personal essays and short answers.

Submit applications with confidence

Don’t let application writing get in the way of your dreams and goals!

Whether applying to private high schools or looking at special programs or internships while in high school, the personal statement is an important tool for convincing others to give you a chance. As a writer and a former Assistant Director of Admissions, I carry a powerful combination of admissions knowledge and narrative expertise.

I believe the personal essay can be an empowering and fun experience no matter what a student’s relationship with writing is. For many of my clients, writing the personal essay gives new insight into why they are pursuing this opportunity in the first place.

Examples of applications I’ve worked with students on include:

  • Academic summer programs at Universities
  • Non-profit leadership positions
  • Scholarships for summer programs
  • Journalism camps

For those who are more confident in their writing skills but want guidance in the application process itself, I offer a variety of options for creating a plan. Understanding the high school resume, preparing for conversational interviews, analyzing prompts, and even exploring different special programs– these are all areas I can assist you with.

Let my expertise of the personal essay guide you to a more confident application. Your success and growth are why I love education coaching! 

I take on a limited number of high school or rising middle school students as creative writing and English clients. If you are interested in these services, please sign up for the free 30 minute consultation and we’ll go from there. 

Step 1

Select your application needs.
Summer program application essay?
Resume or activity list?
Academic camp?
Special programs? 

Step 2

Decide if you want to work with me via an hourly plan or through an “unlimited” plan. 

Step 3

Book your free 30 minute consultation to make sure we are a good fit for each other or, sign up for a service plan of your choice

Submit applications with confidence

Do you prefer speaking over video chat? We can do that. Does video chatting make you uncomfortable but you’re no stranger to emojis? We can use chat boxes for live discussion. I can also communicate strictly through email or comment boxes if you prefer to have more time to think through what you want to say. Any combination of communication will be available to you during your time working with me. No matter your time zone, I’m here to support you.

Whether you want access to a personal coach throughout a several month application process or you need expert guidance in writing a high-stakes personal statement, I offer flexible coaching that is uniquely tailored to your needs and communication style. 

Your time is valuable. With no bulky forced packages of services you could do on your own time with the right information, I can help you pinpoint exactly where you need more guidance and where you can soar on your own. My ultimate goal is to provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and methodology to tackle any future applications all on your own. Though, if you want to come back and work on something super-specific (like one of those “tell us all of your hopes, dreams, and a time when you failed in 150 words maximum”) I’m happy to help.

Some promises… 

  • My ultimate goal is to assist people in discovering how they best learn. I will accomplish this by helping each person develop the skills needed to achieve their best educational or writing outcome.
  • I will provide honest feedback in the form of positive praise and/or constructive suggestions to clients I serve in a manner beneficial to their overall learning.
  • I will respect and be sensitive to students’ cultural background and personal value system, keeping in mind their personal dignity.
  • I recognize I will not have answers to every question asked. Therefore, I will seek assistance in finding answers to clients’ questions and/or directing the student to “how” and “where” appropriate resources are for the information needed.
  • I will maintain accurate records of client sessions and keep information about all clients I work with confidential unless they grant me permission to share some or part of their story.

Influences for this philosophy statement include The National Tutoring Association’s Code of Ethics.