Eleanor, poetry MFA applicant, Melbourne, Australia


I’d thought my statement was in pretty good shape, but when I received Jackie’s edit I was stunned by how immediately and evidently better it was. Jackie responded to what I’d written sharply and sensitively, and with what’s obviously a huge breadth of knowledge about the admissions process. She raised a few possible red flags in my wording that hadn’t occurred to me and suggested how I might remove them while still staying true to my message. A particular concern of mine was how and whether to address my academic transcripts, and she considered this carefully and offered me a great solution.

My statement still feels like something I’ve written, but it represents me so much more clearly and positively than it did. Jackie gave me insightful feedback on my statement both at a word and sentence level and in terms of its overall structure. I was lucky to have found someone who is such a keen editor, as well as having such a deep understanding of the statement’s context and purpose. I was accepted into the MFA program at the University of Alabama, accepted with an extra fellowship at the University of Minnesota, and waitlisted at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I can’t recommend this service highly enough.