Eric, Carnegie Mellon University ’15 (B.S. Engineering)


“I felt overshadowed by fellow students and bewildered by expectations.
College applications were very novel to me, and very difficult. I didn’t know what to give and not to give attention to on my applications. I was paralyzed by how any aspect fell into how admission offices perceived my application. Knowing whether I was scrubbing and shining my application or grinding it with sandpaper was beyond comprehension.

Jackie’s help and suggestions guided me in putting together brilliant applications. Applications I sent with confidence, confidence I never would have envisioned. Her advice and knowledge did wonders more than any book or website could hope.

A better resource and more resourceful than any other help I sought, as well as a splendid person to work with, she molded a miserable time into an acceptance letter from my first-choice University. I’d recommend her help to any student moving along in the college application process.”