Shannon, Fiction MFA applicant


As a prose writer applying to graduate programs for creative writing, I was sure I wouldn’t have a problem writing the statement of purpose. But after putting together a decent statement, I was still unsure if it was in the place it needed to be for my applications. I had almost resigned myself to that merely “decent” statement when I decided to reach out to Jackie. The in-depth feedback and edits I received reinvigorated an application process that can be so daunting and draining.

Jackie helped me pinpoint an underlying structure for my statement, honed in on certain ambiguities and questions I wasn’t addressing, and encouraged me to be more direct with my intentions. More than anything, I was worried that the drudgery of the application process had stripped my statement of its full passion, but Jackie helped me to reclaim that passion and make it the star of the statement.

It was easy for me to trust Jackie’s judgment, considering her extensive experience with admissions and teaching, as well as her graduate degree in the field to which I am applying. She does the work, and she is thorough and kind while doing it.