I worked with Jackie from August to January 2021 and was so appreciative of her helpful feedback and amazing organizational skills. Her expertise in creative and structured writing pushed not only my college essays to perfection, but also my writing skills as an individual. Her guidance and understanding of the college application process was invaluable to me and brought my college applications to a whole other level. Thank you, Jackie, for all your amazing work!
Veronika, UCLA class of 2025

Omg. Jackie is the best. I was in a huge pinch. I waited until the day before my grad school application was due to get my essays looked at (don't do this). Jackie was not only super responsive- I emailed her for the first time at 5AM- but took time out of her schedule to do two editing rounds on my essays in one day! Her comments were incredibly insightful. I saw huge improvements in the focus, structure, and style of my essays in the one day that we spent working together. Thank you, Jackie! ❤️

Kels, MPA Candidate 2021
Jackie helped our daughter on numerous occasions with college applications and helpful suggestions on essay writing to gain access to her top choice universities. Jackie is always accommodated our daughters schedule and was wonderful with very prompt responses terrific communication so glad we found her and plan on using her many more times in the future! Jackie is the BEST!!
Laura, parent of 2019 transfer student
Jackie stands out among other college counseling services because she makes the effort to form a human-to-human connection with students. She took the time to really talk to me and get to know me as a person in order to help me present my best self in my essays. Jackie was super patient and understanding throughout the whole process, using creative prompts and questions to allow my ideas to develop organically. I liked that she gave me the space to express myself authentically – she was always there to offer valuable insight and advice to fill in the gaps when needed, but all of my essays were clearly in my voice. She's also extremely flexible in terms of scheduling and her turnaround time for edits is crazy fast. She's amazing!
Karen, undergraduate applicant 2020
Jackie is a wordsmith, the kind I have not encountered before. She helped me take my college essay to the next level. Her commitment towards my work inspired me to work even harder. She always kept a positive attitude and helped me find a solution to whichever challenge that presented itself. I totally recommend Jackie because she will help you find your voice the same way she helped me find mine.
Jack, undergrad applicant 2020, Panama
Best tutor I've seen. So efficient. Flexible time to accommodate the needs. Mind-blowing editing skills. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with college application essay or professional writings.
Addy, undergrad applicant 2018
Jackie was incredibly helpful from the start. She was always so patient and accessible, and her organization of a schedule really helped our daughter stay on track and write her best work for each college. We were very impressed by her efficiency and ability to help our daughter be more clear and articulate. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging; she has this remarkable ability in working with her students to find their true voices and removing all the anxieties they may have with the college application process. Jackie is truly the BEST, and we cannot thank her enough!!
Richard, parent of 2020 undergraduate applicant
She is extremely helpful in helping me brainstorm more deep and creative ideas for my next draft, and she also gives me lots of great advice in taking my essay to the next level. She cares about the opinions and concerns of students, and I am excited to work with her more!
Mary, high school student 2018
A knowledgeable and critical reviewer. Jackie reviewed my essay for college. Her feedback was extremely helpful and helped steer my essay in the right direction. She worked with me to piece together the theme and form a cohesive essay.
Snehal, graduate applicant 2018
Jackie is an amazing tutor and writer. She helped me for a little over a year on my grad school applications and personal statements. I had originally planned on applying to 12 STEM programs, but I only had to apply to 4 because I was accepted to all of them. I have zero doubts that my personal statement was a huge driving force in my application. Jackie is so approachable and is always willing to work around your schedule and your needs. It was such a pleasure getting to work with her! I would truly recommend her to anyone.
Anne L., MS in Biomedicine 2020
Jackie is an amazing college application essay editor! In only the first two lessons, my essays improved so much more than I originally thought possible. She was able to edit and send back my essays within 24 hours of me sending them to her and she is extremely flexible which is perfect if you have a busy schedule. It was really easy to tell from the beginning that she has had lots of experience and she has given and continues to give the best advice and suggestions. Jackie is also very organized and approachable and will tailor her work based on your needs. I highly recommend hiring her as your editor for any essays!
Michelle, undergrad applicant, California 2018
As a prose writer applying to graduate programs for creative writing, I was sure I wouldn't have a problem writing the statement of purpose. But after putting together a decent statement, I was still unsure if it was in the place it needed to be for my applications. I had almost resigned myself to that merely "decent" statement when I decided to reach out to Jackie. The in-depth feedback and edits I received reinvigorated an application process that can be so daunting and draining. Jackie helped me pinpoint an underlying structure for my statement, honed in on certain ambiguities and questions I wasn't addressing, and encouraged me to be more direct with my intentions. More than anything, I was worried that the drudgery of the application process had stripped my statement of its full passion, but Jackie helped me to reclaim that passion and make it the star of the statement. It was easy for me to trust Jackie's judgment, considering her extensive experience with admissions and teaching, as well as her graduate degree in the field to which I am applying. She does the work, and she is thorough and kind while doing it.
Shannon, Fiction MFA applicant
Jackie is an admissions guru. She not only helped me perfect my statement of purpose, personal history statement, and responses to short answer questions, but she guided me through all aspects of the admissions process. She helped me plan out my timeline for taking the GRE, asking for letters of recommendation, and for working on my applications. She advised me on how to approach one of my recommendation writers who seemed to be putting off writing my letter until the very last minute. She has even taken the time to answer my many questions about financial aid, what admissions officers look for, and other aspects of the admissions process and life as a graduate student. I am eternally grateful to Jackie for her honest feedback, her magical ability to help others word things in the perfect way, and for all of her support throughout the admissions process. Thanks to her, I will be starting a masters in my dream program at my dream school in the fall.
Erica, MS in Health Data Science, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Class of 2020
Jackie’s comments on my personal statement were very thorough and spot on. She was able to distill what I was trying to say and give me great advice on how to make it even better. She also took into account my specific concerns and goals for the statement. I’m so glad I enlisted Jackie’s help for my personal statement!
Fiction MFA applicant, 2017
Jackie takes writing essays to a whole different level. She digs deep to make the essays very personal and unique.  I like Jackie's style as she's not afraid to give feedback until she knows you've put in your best. [Her] response time is simply amazing!
Shalini, parent of twins both now graduates of Carnegie Mellon University
My daughter has been working with Jackie over the past couple of weeks to revise and rewrite her main college essay and supplemental essays. Jackie has been a god send as my daughter didn't want to share her essays with me and she didn't have a lot of support from her school to work on them. Jackie knows exactly what the colleges are looking for and also is a great writer and editor so I know when they are done working together, my daughter's essays will be polished, concise, clear and ready to submit. Thank you Jackie!
Karen, mother of senior in Denver 2018
Jackie gave me a thorough and specific critique on my application materials. She provided a set of objective eyes and helped me identify areas in my essay that could be misinterpreted. Beyond just critiquing the mechanics of my essay, Jackie pushed me to examine and state my objectives more clearly. As someone who knows how an admissions department works, she was able to offer very specific feedback. Jackie also communicated clearly about her timeline and gave her feedback very quickly, which I appreciated very much!
Rebekah, MFA Applicant 2017
I felt overshadowed by fellow students and bewildered by expectations. College applications were very novel to me, and very difficult. I didn't know what to give and not to give attention to on my applications. I was paralyzed by how any aspect fell into how admission offices perceived my application. Knowing whether I was scrubbing and shining my application or grinding it with sandpaper was beyond comprehension. Jackie's help and suggestions guided me in putting together brilliant applications. Applications I sent with confidence, confidence I never would have envisioned. Her advice and knowledge did wonders more than any book or website could hope. A better resource and more resourceful than any other help I sought, as well as a splendid person to work with, she molded a miserable time into an acceptance letter from my first-choice University. I'd recommend her help to any student moving along in the college application process.
Eric, Carnegie Mellon University '15 (B.S. + M.S. Engineering)

I was lost when I went to Jackie for help, but I didn't even know just how deep in the woods I actually was. Jackie helped me tighten my Statement of Purpose and Personal History Statement, and her feedback helped me understand the purpose of these two essays better. Her critique challenged me to dive deeper and write more clearly about my experiences and my goals. Her feedback was comprehensive, and she even took the time to speak with me on the phone afterwards. I am forever grateful for Jackie's invaluable insight, empowerment, and generosity!

Jennifer, Poetry MFA Applicant
I'd thought my statement was in pretty good shape, but when I received Jackie's edit I was stunned by how immediately and evidently better it was. Jackie responded to what I'd written sharply and sensitively, and with what's obviously a huge breadth of knowledge about the admissions process. She raised a few possible red flags in my wording that hadn't occurred to me and suggested how I might remove them while still staying true to my message. A particular concern of mine was how and whether to address my academic transcripts, and she considered this carefully and offered me a great solution. My statement still feels like something I've written, but it represents me so much more clearly and positively than it did. Jackie gave me insightful feedback on my statement both at a word and sentence level and in terms of its overall structure. I was lucky to have found someone who is such a keen editor, as well as having such a deep understanding of the statement's context and purpose. I was accepted into the MFA program at the University of Alabama, accepted with an extra fellowship at the University of Minnesota, and waitlisted at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I can't recommend this service highly enough.
Eleanor, poetry MFA applicant, Melbourne, Australia
Jackie’s suggestions on my Statement of Purpose were a huge help right when I needed it. She was incredibly easy to work with. Plus, she was available last minute. As an MFA candidate who has been out in the working world for a long time, I greatly valued her perspective on what programs are looking for right now. Her feedback helped me reposition my Statement in such a way that I believe I am a more attractive candidate, even though a non-traditional one. Thank you, Jackie, for your coaching.
R.S., Writer, Florida
Jackie helped me refine my statement of purpose for my MFA applications. She was sensitive to my particular needs and situation - i.e. having a nearly completed novel, wanting to stay in an urban area such as New York or Philadelphia, and wishing to teach but not necessarily transition into academia. Through a focused Skype session Jackie and I edited my statement of purpose so that it was a focused, concise document. I would certainly recommend her!
Katherine, fiction MFA applicant 2017