College admissions is as much about collecting information as it is about soul-searching.

College admissions is as much about collecting information as it is soul-searching. For me, the complexity of this process is what makes it so enjoyable. While every student and family has different needs, I've designed several package options to help you think about all the steps in your application process, and which parts would be most valuable to get consulting on. Most of my clients begin with the Level 3 Package, which includes our popular Personal Essay Bootcamp process. For maximum flexibility, I can also work on an hourly basis instead of a set package. If you want to read more about my College Admissions Consulting Philosophy, click here

Your success and growth are why I love education coaching, and to get you started, here is my free downloadable Undergraduate Application Spreadsheet.

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"I felt overshadowed by fellow students and bewildered by expectations. College applications were very novel to me, and very difficult. I didn't know what to give and not to give attention to on my applications. I was paralyzed by how any aspect fell into how admission offices perceived my application. Knowing whether I was scrubbing and shining my application or grinding it with sandpaper was beyond comprehension... A better resource and more resourceful than any other help I sought, as well as a splendid person to work with, she molded a miserable time into an acceptance letter from my first-choice University. I'd recommend her help to any student moving along in the college application process."

Eric Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2015


My rates start at $100/hour. For 24-hour rush turn-around on feedback, I charge an additional $50 per feedback round. The hourly rate can apply to specific projects, or if you want to continue working past an initial package by a hour-by-hour basis. Below are estimates for packages, which may vary depending on the level of student need and where a student might be in their application process. All of the services are also available separate from the packages.


$200A 90-minute family meeting (you and the people supporting you in this process)
    Getting to know you
  • Provide an overview of the admissions process
  • Review extracurriculars, standardized testing, grades, and high school coursework
  • Discuss my perspective on strengths and weaknesses of your application
  • Includes a written summary of our meeting via email.

Level 2

$600Four 1-hour student sessions focused on preparing for the application process
    Getting a jump-start on the application process
  • Craft an application resume focused on the power of specific wording as you describe your extracurriculars, hobbies, and accomplishments.
  • Discuss potential major/program selections and how this might impact school selection
  • Create an initial school list using my Master Spreadsheet
  • Create an application process plan for the remainder of time before your deadlines.

Personal Essay Bootcamp

$750Five 1-hour student sessions focused exclusively on one personal essay
    Most people use this to complete their main Common Application essay from blank page to finished product, but it is up to you which essay you want to work on.
  • Customized activities to take you from brainstorming to final draft
  • Includes discussions of audience awareness and topics to avoid
  • Use narrative structure to guide your story to a natural conclusion
  • Feedback at every stage of writing

Level 3

$1350Ten 1-hour sessions total
    Guidance on key elements of the application process, which you can then apply to your remaining applications on your own time.
  • Includes all of the Level 2 package + the Personal Essay Bootcamp
  • Bonus hour of interview practice (I am a former "shy student" so I have many tips to share!)

Unlimited Hours

$1800/monthAll-inclusive package for an unlimited number of applications
    Best for those planning to use more than 12 hours a month
  • Intensive experience including all previous services (Personal Essay Bootcamp, interview practice, spreadsheet etc.)
  • Can be used to work through multiple applications and written pieces, including scholarship essays
  • Longer-term guidance on school and major selection
  • Availability limited